Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I don't like Mondays...

Do you find that you just can't bear certain days of the week?

My day is Tuesday. It drags by painfully and laboriously. It's a little odd, considering that I was born on a Tuesday, and it's my adopted middle name. But there are so many things wrong with Tuesdays, that I have begun to find something rather difficult about Mondays; knowing that the day to follow will be unpleasant.

But there is an upside. The next day is Wednesday!

One thing I love about Wednesdays is that they single that the week is drawing to a close. You can begin to wind down and look forward to the approaching weekend. Classes on Wednesdays are relaxed and enjoyable. Wednesdays are also the day of my running club, an event which always leaves me exhilarated. Today, being a Wednesday, my energy levels were running particularly high as I rushed around ... at one point I tripped over some stairs and I now have a rather sore bruise - but it doesn't matter because I took out two books from the library which I've been wanting to read for a long time.

Another highlight of Wednesdays, at least of this one and the coming three weeks, is a great new drama I have just watched on Channel4 - The Devil's Whore. The English Civil War is a period of History which I haven't looked at for quite a few years, so it was good to have a refresher of this important event. But what really stood out for me is the character of Angelica Fanshawe who, however fictional, really resonated with me as a remarkable character. She reminded me of the type of woman who would inspire a WendyB of jewelry.

So that's another thing to add to Wonderful Wednesdays. It almost seems a shame to bid today goodbye, knowing that it will not return for another seven whole days.

(perhaps you have noticed that the 'off to bed posts' have really petered out as of late; I thought a Wednesday post would be better than no post at all, even if it wasn't on the customary Sunday. Anyway I don't like Sundays... they precede Monday, which precedes Tuesday)

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  1. I did notice that the "off to beds" have waned, but I just assumed you'd bring them back if and when you wanted to.

    I understand your malaise about days. I think for me, it's Sunday—the END of the weekend.

    I wish I could say that I agree that the character of Angelica Fanshawe would inspire some WendyB jewelry, but not having seen her in the drama to which you refer, I can't. But she certainly looks as if she could.