Saturday, 11 October 2008

A little bit of glamour...

There's something about cold winter days that make me want to get dressed all glamorous, a little bit dark... in the same way that summer inspires me to wear florals. Cue gold, black, silver, snakes, studs and red nails:

And today the glamorous touches of my outfit fitted right in with my artsy lifestyle. A trip to Sloane Square resulted in me starting a headcount of designer bags. I think I saw 5 or 6 Chanels. We took a detour to the Saatchi Gallery to see a fantastic exhibition of new Chinese art. Art galleries are great for people-watching, as well as the art of course.

Then it was The Royal Court Theatre to see Now or Later, which was actually an extremely thought-provoking and remarkable play and definitely not just a beautiful star vehicle. There was a mini panic before the show when I realised I'd lost my ticket; luckily the hot box office assistant was kind enough to print me off a reprint after ascertaining that I was not a lying ticket-stealer.

And after the play, guess who we met? Very charming and even better looking face to face. I felt very proud of myself for not asking for an autograph or photograph; wouldn't we much prefer to hold an intellectual conversation than ask for some sort of tourist's memento like some commoner... it's so much more glamorous isn't it?


  1. Much more glamorous, yes. It's difficult not to be star-struck though, isn't it?

    How fun for you! And how nice that you got into the play without hassle.

  2. I'm glad you agree!!!
    It was indeed very kind of them; although they did do a very sneaky double-check:

    THEM: 'So - is your address Augusten Avenue'

    ME: 'err... no'