Sunday, 21 September 2008

Even movie stars get nervous...

Last night, I saw the much awaited play Rain Man aka Josh Hartnett vehicle.

I could go on about Adam Godley's amazing performance, Josh Hartnett's amazing naked chest and what was predictably an amazing night. But there was one thing which stood out for me, something scarily pertinent after yesterday's discussion about perfect flaws: Mr Hartnett's performance. Throughout the first interval, I saw the poor rich movie star stumble over, mistake, rush and repeat his lines more than I have ever seen in any other play. In the second half, he was actually 10000x times better; his nerves had probably calmed down a great deal, but of course I could not help but forgive him instantaneously. In fact, I found myself fall in love with the thespian more violently than any viewing of Pearl Harbour had inspired before. As I kept on repeating to my lovely friend, it was incredibly endearing. Josh Hartnett gets nervous too! Awww...

(a star-struck pretty face who is going to go back and tell Mr Hartnett how much he's improved)

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  1. I often read that movie stars are solidly humbled when trying to do live plays. This experience will be good for Hartnett. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the experience. :D