Saturday, 20 September 2008

A perfect flaw

Everyone sees perfection in a different way, but I do know that it's very rare to find someone who subscribes to the absolutely pristinely perfect Stepford-wives perfection.

To be frank, it's all just a little bit too creepy. Real people who haven't been replaced by murdering robots simply can't have perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect skin, perfect clothes and a perfect smile all the time. Nevertheless, whilst society insisting that imperfect is better, more sexy, we are still implored to try and acquire the perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect skin, perfect clothes and a perfect smile with bombardments of cosmetic surgery ads, the latest anti-wrinkle products, pictures of Amazonian models.

Even people who believe that they are being unconventional are trying to channel a form of perfection: a unique yet wholly fashionable look which, whilst not conforming to the Stepford ideal, is perfectly cool in itself. I have previously admitted and moaned about the fact that we're all trying to look perfect, including myself.

Still, I can't deny the appeal of a flaw. Actress Jo Joyner, who played sexy Beth on the TV series No Angels, admits that her admired 'sexy strut' is actually an unavoidable product of a faulty hip. I find gap teeth inexpicably beautiful, modelled here by Vanessa Paradis, who is with the desirable Johnny Depp and is pretty much universally accepted as beautiful. I have had braces for a while to fix over-crowding and recently I've acquired a little gap in between the two front teeth, and I have to say I LOVE it. I'll be sad to see it go.

I also mentioned here an overweight character who is seen as the most beautiful in her society. It's a shame that the whole point of this idea is that they're all really messed up and have created their own ideas about perfection, but still an interesting thought.

It's often agreed that complete perfection is unattainable. But if flaws can be perfect, then so are we.


  1. The last picture looks so cool!

  2. "True perfection has to be imperfect." Or something like that, from Oasis.

    I think perfection is scary, too. I'd much rather see irregularity, flaw, and divergence in "beauty" than homogeneity, flawlessness, or uniformity.

    (I thought this second picture was Madonna!)

  3. Vanessa Paradis is my idea of perfection. ^_^ Seriously though, I feel our flaws are what make us so pretty, because they set us apart. I can't find those perfectly buffed women pretty at all, b/c they all look the same. There's nothing pretty about being identical and rubbing away every sign of nature.

  4. I am glad you all agree :) I am more convinced than ever of this idea now (read above post!!!)