Sunday, 24 August 2008

Pathetic Fallacy?

I know that 'pathetic fallacy' is not the literally correct term to describe what I am about to relate, but I've been running short on good post titles lately (more on that tomorrow, if I again leave writing so late that I can't take the photos I want to). What I'm getting at is a cycle I've noticed happening in my wardrobe. Generally I do stick to a quite neutral palette, with injections of colour in the form of pink, blue or loud accessories but this spring/summer, I've found that I've become more and more attracted to florals. Ever the style schizophrenic I have ignored the voices in my mind saying 'you have nothing which works with this!' 'nothing I tell you!' 'it's all a huge mistake!' and gone forth and purchased yellow dresses, bright pink skirts (both posted I think) and plenty of florals. In fact, at the beginning of August I actually started writing a post about the sudden arrival of flora within my wardrobe these past couple of months before realising I actually had several other flowered pieces which I had simply forgotten about, from previous summers. Plus, summer was basically over by the time I got round to it.

And then, as soon as the sun fades and I have to add a colourful cardigan over the colourful florals, I feel the need to pile up a million and one grey scarves, woolly jumpers, thick ribbed tights and a nice warm skirt. Hence buying a pair of grey cords in August. Soon I realise that 99% of my wardrobe consists of different shades of grey and I start craving red lipstick (to disguise the blueness), boots and coats. Flowers have never been farther from my mind.

So to try and recapture that summer spirit, even if it has to be via a sort of warped pathetic fallacy, I'm going to post my favourite summer photo from my holidays, which already feel like a distant memory.

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  1. Wardrobes can be confusing and controlling all at once. Mine is always both. It is my master.

    I love that shot of the beach. Keep looking at it, so you feel the happy memories.