Saturday, 23 August 2008

i-Love i-Pod

Up until relatively recently, I was completely unaware of music, other than the piano piece I was currently learning. Don't mistake me; I was not a grade 8 virtuoso then nor am I now in fact going to claim to be a music guru but I do occasionally recognise songs I hear when I turn on the radio (a rare occurrence in itself) or in shops, even if I can't remember their names...

All this is a far cry from the girl who knew the lyrics to approximately 0.1% of one of her friends' repertoire.

Just over a year ago I got an i-Pod. To start with, all of my music was from my father's iTunes (although shamefully pre-this-millenium music still features heavily on my underaged iPod) but then a couple of CDs from friends started to sneak in and *gasp* one or maybe two of my own CDs, gifts of course. To this day I have never bought a single CD, although I did by myself a few tapes a long time ago. Then my DJ cousin lent me a ton of music and all of a sudden I was beginning to realise... I love music! Music is great! How had I lived with nothing more than musical soundtracks for my whole life! Music is beautiful!

I have come to love my i-Pod very dearly. The screen was scratched and the wheelie button stained within days of getting it but that hasn't decreased its usage one bit. I will readily admit that I do not solely use my i-Pod for music, with only about half of the 8Gb filled. I love listening to Agatha Christie on there, practising my French (who knew that 'shuffle' was 'mix de morceaux'?) and playing the 'jeux'. Today, whilst listening to They Do It With Mirrors after a particularly tiring shopping sesh - I think I'm getting old, shopping has become so tiring recently - I won Solitaire for the very first time.

(It's hard to make out, but that's a photo of the screen when you win Solitaire - gagne!)

PS since this post has turned out as basically an ode to i-Pods, which although nice wasn't particularly on my list of things to write about, I might as well include a couple of pictures from my sight-seeing adventures at the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker St. Not exactly conventional tourist pics. I hope you can make the writing out on my shit camera phone, if not I can transcribe...


  1. iPods are a brilliant invention, far better than the old Walkmans of my day.

    Speaking of My Day, and being old, I can't read those letters, because my eyes aren't what they used to be. Don't transcribe them on my account, though, that's too much work for you!

  2. Aaah I just typed out a whole reply explaining the 'general gist'!!!

    Basically, they're letters written to Sherlock Holmes; most are requests to solve criminal cases (all sent in by real people), one of the posted ones is from Inland Revenue and another is from a schoolkid whose teacher told her to write Mr Holmes a letter. She addresses him as 'Mr Dead Sherlock Holmes' ;)

  3. My ipod I bought from a friend and it's still got only her music on it! I figure it's variety, on my computer I listen to my tunes, when I'm away from it, I listen to hers. ^_^