Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Aren't rules for breaking?

Hi. That's me, by the way, cropped artistically because my nose looked a little twisted, sort of like there was a bad smell under my nose. I wonder what that bad smell could be... maybe Trinny & Susannah's odourous rules???

Apparently, they have this fool-proof system, whereby you take out all the clothes in the colours you wear most often, 'put each item up against your face - and see what it does. Do your eyes look brighter? Your dark circles worse? Does your skin look radiant or does it go totally flat? You will soon know which shades of which colours are best for you'. Sound like totally ingenious, enlightening advice? You can click here for more.

It gets better. Say you want something a little more personalised. Some individual guidelines, which stretch a little farther than 'see which colours make you look prettiest'. No probs! They'll divide you into one of three categories (yep, that's three whole categories we beautiful and unique humans comprise of) and give you your own personal colour palette from which you can build your own entire wardrobe!

I am WARM.


People who fall into this category are easy to spot. The majority have some red in their hair, from rich brown through to auburn or ginger - there may even be some strawberry blondes.

When women in this category go grey, they are desperate to have their hair coloured because it can take on an unattractive hue. Their eyes might be blue, but not that bright turquoise blue; eye colour is more likely to be brown, hazel or a duller green. Their skin tone might be a little sallow or freckly, but generally not dark or mid brown.

Yep, that's me, as the above picture clearly demonstrates. But hang on a minute, dear T&S are telling me my hair will look awful grey.. oh well, let's see what other kind and encouraging advice they have to offer.

This colour grouping looks truly appalling in black; it is their worst colour by far. Navy comes a close second...Grey is not great either, as it will totally wash out their complexion.

Great, so wait, does that mean I have to throw out 99% of my wardrobe and every single garment in my preferred colour of blue? Plus all the hot pink which makes me happy? Does that mean that I have to dress like a Boden lady 24/7?

I've come to realise that T&S, Gok and every 'Which ... suit my ...?' guide out there realised that we don't all want to wear wrap dresses and cinched in belts to 'accentuate our waists'. Come on, if I'm going to be following any fashion law it will be the Mean Girl's rocking rules.

(seriously, coolest. game. ever)


  1. These color things always freak me out. They seem so strict! I'm not good with strictness.

  2. I just know not to wear yellow, beige/khaki, and a certain shade of pink.

    Rules. Break 'em.

    By the way, I love that photo of you.

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  4. You look to me like what I'd call a Dusky Warm Light - which means you are looking for softened slightly warmer (not the really warm end of the spectrum) and overall lighter (rather than really dark) colours.

    I use 14 groups - which can again be broken down into 3 more groups (42 in all), as people can't be categorized into 3 or 4 or even 10 groups. How we wear our colours is also based on our personality - which is a really important factor.

    The point of colour analysis is to make you look more healthy, vibrant and alive and to focus attention on your face (which is the communication centre). The colours that really work for you will make you glow and look slimmer, the colours that are less flattering may give you a five o'clock shadow, or a green tinge round your mouth, may make you look blotchy or just plain tired or unwell.

    YOu can of course wear your hair grey when it goes grey - because as you lose pigment from your hair, you are also losing pigments from your skin, so you natural hair colour will always work with your skin - our colouring never stops changing from birth til death. The colours that suits as change our entire life - this is not a static thing!

    Just because a colour (like hot pink) doesn't flatter you as it's very cool, doesn't mean you can't have it in your life - paint your house in it, get cushions and throws in it. Orange makes me like I have a bad case of jaundice, but I've happily lived in an apartment with walls painted orange.

    Traditional hot pink won't suit you - but have you tried a slightly warmed up hot coral pink which has just enough yellow in it to make it warm -and this will suit you? It's one of the seasons hot colours and is everywhere in the stores.

    Anyway, off my high horse...