Saturday, 30 August 2008

my, what lovely lips you have

A few days ago, my friends and I headed off to the hell that is Oxford Circus solely for the purpose of buying my birthday present; some lip cream from the beautiful beauty shop that is B never too busy to be beautiful, (is that a record for the number of mentions on 'beauty' in one post? i must be getting back on track...) formerly located on Carnaby St. We got there however, and it was gone! Shut down, for sale! I was devestated.

On the beautiful sunny day that is today, my fortunes took a turn for a better. I was with one of the previously mentioned friends and we found ourselves near Covent Garden (more on WHY later!!!!), and I had a vague notion that BNTBTBB is partnered with Lush and I knew there was a Lush there, so we made a deal that if she could sunbath in the park for an hour, we could go to Covent Garden.

And lo, we found the shop! We went downstairs and entered the most beautiful Aladdin's cave of cosmetics.

You see, I don't just love this shop for the top-quality, long lasting, stunningly coloured and moisturising lip cream. I love it for the decadent decor, the fantastic shop assistants (they're all so friendly) and most of all the charming, charming packaging.

My lovely gift resting on the Southbank.

The lip cream lasts forever so my lips are still prettily pink from the sample therefore I haven't yet opened it. But I know that when I do, I shall be faced with this delight (that's gold leaf, and yes my box is that colour!):It's the Pretty B Lip Cream, what an apt name! And the latest reviewer is also a fair-skinned redhead so I can rest safely assured that it will flatter my skin-tone. How happy can some lip-cream and a certain other purchase (not clothes related) make a person.

I promise, I wasn't paid to write this post. Although it would have helped after my recent little expenditure.

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  1. They ought to pay you! You sound so happy about your experience. It's a relief to know that your favorite shop hadn't completely vanished, just relocated.