Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Golden Ticket

Today I am going on a last-minute trip one night/two days trip to Windsor. We have got tickets to Legoland and Windsor Castle; part of me is excited about Legoland because I loved it so much when I was younger, and part of me is also excited about Windsor Castle because I did love Buckingham Palace very much when I went last week, and they have to be sort of similar. I am also excited about using the gym and swimming pool at the hotel. All of this excitement illustrates the magic behind a ticket.

Tickets are often very ugly, plain and uninteresting (although the Buckingham Palace Summer Opening of The State Rooms ones are creatively adorned with a crown watermark...) but they always seem to provoke so much excitement. A few days ago I bought a ticket to a festival, which I will not receive for almost a year. Purchasing this ticket did not thrill me in the slightless; I was left uncertain and cold, because I'm not even sure if I'm going to go, or if I will sell said ticket. Maybe this is because I do not have a physical ticket to hold?

In my previous post I mentioned a couple of times a recent purchase I have made. It was a ticket! One of my greatest passions has always been the theatre; I could ramble for hours about the magic and the beauty of a theatre performance, which may even exceed the magic of a ticket. So you can imagine the magic that occurs when I get a ticket to the theatre, to see a thing of very great beauty.

I'm going to see Rain Man at the Apollo Theatre, and although I am sure it will be a very good play (Adam Godley is Olivier nominated you know) I have to say that the prospect of some theatre magic is not the only source of my excitement.


  1. hope you have/had a ball at legoland(i used to work there ages ago) and at Windsor Castle. I collect interesting looking tickets from shows I see.

  2. I love good theatre. I haven't seen any since I was in London years ago. Have fun on your weekend in Windsor, I hope it's all you want it to be!

  3. Sounds like an awful lot of wonderfulness going on. I must say I am falling in love with legos all over again.
    P.S. You asked if the site only sells "one offs"...err, I'm not familiar with this term. It's not a vintage site so there are more than one of every item, is that what you meant?

  4. Thanks everyone, Legoland was fun and i got lots of freebies from the hotel (honey... bubble bath... umbrella!)

    CLothes Horse, that's exactly what I meant, if it's vintage/handmade or not. Thanks!