Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Blogosphere

Today I thought a little about the blogosphere. I realised I hadn't been reading much of the big guns recently, so I decided to pay a visit to Go Fug Yourself, The Sartorialist and Bag Snob. On the first website, I found this:

I immediately e-mailed the link to Winona of Daddy Likey since it instantly reminded me of her (another example of the blogosphere) Chocha features.

When I visited the other two websites, I found myself surprised on two separate occasions by exactly how big they really are. These people have gone from bloggers to blogger-celebrities! On the Sartorialist's site, it was reading about how a Hollywood star (who admittedly I'd never heard of) loved his blog and promptly seeing a photo of this guy who I'd definitely heard of. A couple of posts down was a photo of the Sart in a GAP Ad: Scot Schuman, photographer/blogger. On the Bag Snob I read this. It's a little bit mind-boggling to think that those who jumped onto the blogosphere a couple of years early and stayed committed could get to this level of success, although I suppose it's the same with all things - it's about getting in early.

Anyway, to complete this story/musing/pondering/whatever we need to go full circle; back to my e-mail to Daddy Likey. To do this I had to check into my blog's email, which I occasionally do. Normally the only mail I get is requests from upstarting fashion websites or businesses running along a similar vein requesting some sort of sponsered/non-sponsered review. Unless it's obviously spam (which gmail mostly filters) I reply politely telling them thank-you and I'll check out the website in a couple of days... shamefully I hardly ever get round to it. I've never taken these e-mails as a sign of recognition; I assume they just did a quick google search for blogs which contain relevant keywords, or go through a bigger blog's link list. But when today I got this e-mail:

Miss angelina

show details 1:37 PM (6 hours ago)

My dear, I am miss Angelina from Asmara, Eritrea, single and 19 years old girl. After going through your information i copied out only your email address and i made up my mind to contact you for long term relationship and for you to be my financial and investment manager because you are my choice of trust.
After you reply this letter and agree for long term relationship and to be my financial and investment manager, I will email you all information concerning me and all the reason why i have chosen you to be my investment and financial manager. Reply me through my private email address: Only
I am waiting for your reply,
Miss Angelina

That's when I knew that I was beginning to follow the same path as Scott, Tina and Kelly.


  1. Sounds like one of those offers you can't refuse.

  2. She sounds like a reliable partner for a long-term relationship.