Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Picture Perfect

The first few days of my holiday, my head was bursting with ideas to write down; of stories and of course blog posts (eventually I stopped thinking completely... well that's what holidays are about isn't it? And now it's actually an effort to write again but anyway) but unfortunately I forgot to bring along my newly acquired Moleskine notebook. As well as my cream trousers, but that's not really relevant. Anyway, fortunately I was not in charge of remembering my camera and so was able to document in pictures most of what I wanted to remember.

Last time I went to Turkey, it was winter and although not as cold as an English summer, it was definitely not bikini weather so it was a far more cultural visit, which I definitely hope to write about at some point. I was hoping for this visit to be in a similar vein, but the heat managed to render the majority of activities impossible, excepting eating, drinking, reading and sitting in the shade trying to get a sort of tan.

Even so, I still managed to find clothes that delighted me amongst the old stock of my aunt's boutique (and which I have nowhere to wear... more on that another time). It was of course great to experience such alien cultures to my one (very different from cultural naturally), ranging from the tacky exclusivity of the over-priced world of surf clubs to small Muslim cafes and stalls selling fruit off the motorway. One thing that really stuck out though, which I immediately wanted to capture and share was the beauty of the colours of the buildings everywhere I went in Turkey. A few years ago, they were uniformly greyish brownish as with many other countries around the world, but then the government started to actively encourage people to paint their houses. The result is something which I've only really seen before in Tim Burton or similarly styled movies.

Now I'm back in dreary England away from the colourful houses and it's time to get writing again.


  1. the colourful buildings are so delightful!they remind me a little of the colourful houses in brighton.

  2. I love those colors. Here, people stick with the stucco and red tile roof look most of the time.

    I went to Cyprus a few years ago, and really liked it. It's the closes I ever got to Turkey.

  3. I'm glad you both agree with me :)