Monday, 9 June 2008

Working with the Weather

So, it's ben established that it's pretty impossible for everybody (not even everybody in the world... everybody in the 'style' continent of the blogosphere) to agree on the important factors when getting dressed. Colour, fit, originality, expressing personality, practicality, price - we're having to agree to disagree entirely. But there's one factor nobody can ignore - the weather.

In the winter, when you've got the perfect outfit: dress with nice back detail, cute belt and then you realise that you have no option but to cover it up, it can totally throw the whole look. Or you co-ordinate your earrings, lipstick and top to some suede shoes and then notice that it's raining. Or if you haven't waxed your legs and it's boiling hot so you have to pull on those unflattering light loose jeans. We've all been there, or at least I like to think that and it's not nice.

Today, as a way of trying to appreciate the beautiful sun I've been wishing for for months in dreary London, I realised that there's a way of making the inconvenient weather work. So, when I felt all hot and bothered yesterday I thought: 'I've been wanting to paint my toenails forever but you can't show them off in the rain,' so I painted them bright red and have been wearing sandals to show them off. And when Winter comes, all too soon, I'm going to remember the fussiness and inconvenience of the heat and how everything has to be loose and light, and I'll wrap myself in the cosiest, most suffocating scarf I can find.

Oh, but wouldn't it be so much easier if I knew the weatherman?


  1. I bet the weatherman would reveal to you that he's winging it!


  2. Weather is constantly thwarting my desires! When I want to layer it's too hot!