Sunday, 8 June 2008

Hello @ 10:16

Well this time last week, everyone enjoyed my night-time post so I thought I might make it a regular thing... we'll see. I didn't write this at exactly 10:38 but I'm feeling a little run down with hayfever so I'm going to try and have an early night.

-Yep: hayfever. This allergy has been plaguing me for years and I HATE it. I had acupuncture at one point, which was actually majorly fun, very relaxing. But health insurance doesn't cover it any more, I think because it's too unconventional.

-Today was one of the first nice sunny days in London for what feels like years. It was lovely, I didn't do very much at all but for the first time in ages I didn't feel guilty about it either because I don't have to be revising for anything right now. The perfect amount of laziness can be heaven - too much or at the wrong time is the worst thing.

-I never did that post on nautical stripes stuff. I think I'm going to do a nice big clear-out and not dwell on what doesn't suit me, or I don't love. My wardrobe aim in life, I think is not to have some huge extendable wardrobe. I would be sooo happy if there was absolutely nothing in there which I wouldn't be happy having to wear. Does that make sense? I want to be able to get dressed blindfolded and like what I'm wearing, even if it doesn't quite match. If it does match, that's even better, so really I aspire to have a one or two colour wardrobe, like those people interviewed for an article a few months back which was posted on everybody's blog. How awesome would that be???

-I finished 'The God of Small Things' today. It took me a while because around half way I took about 2 or 3 weeks off reading, I was just too tired. Yesterday I got a couple of new books, something which always inspires me to finish my current book because abandoning something I was enjoying always makes me feel so guilty. As to 'The God of Small Things' - well it was phenomenal. I was reading it all of today, it's the type of book where the writer creates a whole new language, so it's so easy to get absorbed. But the second half of the book is really heavy, and the whole non-linear timeline thing with a dollop of foreshadowing makes the sad parts achingly sad.

-I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I'm buying a new book the price always feels more justified when it's thick. Like I wouldn't pay money for an Agatha Christie, they're always library reads because they're so skinny. Although in the bookshop yesterday I saw this amazing collection of Agatha Christies, with these stunning vintage looking covers which fit the murder mystery theme perfectly. So I bought this other murder mystery, 'The Oxford Murders' which will suitably satisfy my inner detective, but the good reviews by the Guardian should hopefully make me feel intellectual enough.

-Wow I'm rambling today. I should really go but this has been fun! I'm still trying to think of an idea for the Waterstone's story on a postcard thing, I had this 'great' idea at one point but it's vanished... I can't remember at all what it's about, only that it involved dandelions and time. Hmmm... it seemed genius at the time.

Oooh one last thing, it's funny I just noticed looking at last week's post, and I said that I might revisist the idea. Then disneyrollergirl wrote that revisiting the idea would be a great idea. I responded going 'great idea, disneyrollergirl! your wish is my command' or something equally featherbrained. Ahhhh I am slowly losing my mind. Oh well it should be entertaining.


  1. Ha ha, I'm quite happy to take the credit. God wasn't it amazing weather today? I'm all ready to rearrange my schedule tomorrow if it's the same. Hmm, schlep down to graduate fashion week or sit in the garden reading Vogue? Ooh tough decision.

  2. I hope your clearout goes well. Those can be very satisfying!

  3. I've been thinking about my wardrobe 'goals' a bit recently, and that sounds nice, to be able to get dressed in the dark. Mine is to have nothing in my closet which I pull out then put back- everything fits perfectly...

  4. I have terrible hayfever too!

  5. the sun has most certainly lifted my glum london spirit. ive also got back into pedicures and ive ditched all black tights. things are looking up pretty face. xf

  6. Rollergirl: so... what did you decide? I know which one I would have wanted to do...

    enc: hmmm yes I think I shall have to allot some time this weekend, it could take a whil!

    pamcasso: my idea is pretty similar I think, it's primarily not the colours which need to go when I'm blindfolded, more important is the the fit.

    WendyB I sadly sympathise. This is where big sunglasses come in useful!

    Francis: you're from down unrder, right? Makes sense! I pained my toenails red yesterday...