Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Under a Ladder

Are you superstitious? One superstition which goes back a long time but still holds a lot of strength is the belief that if you walk under a ladder, you'll get bad luck. But what if you've already got bad luck? What happens then?

Slightly pixellated but still fabby pic from via google images. I hope they don't mind me pinching their picture, in fact if anyone does want me to take their graphic down, just e-mail me.

Anyway I digress.... today I walked under a ladder. I wonder if now my luck will change???

So, in thanks to the lovely ladder which allowed me to hope for a change of luck, here are some beauties I have found on the increasingly addictive etsy (I never got people's addiction until recently) by the ever more symbolic object: a ladder.

This is a charming Swizzlet Ladder Ring

These dangly Dangle Earrings show how many different types of jewelry can be inspired from just one object, other than the predictable necklace.

This Words to Live By necklace is not particularly my style but I adore the concept, and it adds to my reversed idea of the luck ladders can bring; don't they symbolise ambition as well as having the negative superstitious connotations?

And lastly, this adorable painting entitled Ladder to the Moon.


  1. I'm not superstitious, but I do believe you are lucky to have found those lovely things on etsy!

  2. I'm not sure I should be admitting to this, but the 'search function' is a very powerful tool. Maybe this is proof, that there is no such thing as luck, only knowledge or coincidence?

  3. love the ladder ring. I'm superstitious about stuff, you know, like breaking mirrors and lucky items, etc, but I also have a black cat.

  4. I love that ring. I always feel that susperstion exists because either things dropped on people (from someone else on the ladder) or it partially shuts on you--both are unfortunate occurances.
    No, those two pictures aren't mine--I tagged them underneath saying they were from the site--I figure that people get enough of my pictures every day so I'd show someone else's place.
    And the pendant did come with the holes drilled in it--it's part of a set and they hung inside porcelain bells.

  5. I haven't bought one of the umbrellas yet, but I haven't forgotten about them. At the end of the summer I'm visiting the parents in WA (where it rains A LOT) and I plan to buy one right before I go!