Thursday, 12 June 2008

Jewellery or Jewelry?

I'm never entirely sure how to spell this beautiful word: jewellery or jewelry? A quick google search confirmed that they're both right, but I think the latter is less likely to be spelt wrong so I'll still with that.

I am not a huge wearer of accessories, in that I love them... but I usually forget to put them on. If I remember to put in my pearl earrings (my favourite ones; they do wonders for the complexion, I tell you!) then they are unlikely to be changed for a couple of months. Then I take them out and I won't wear anything on my ears, apart from the occasional dangle. And I have accumulated plenty of necklaces, plenty trash and also plenty beautiful fine delicate necklaces but I only really ever tend to wear the same one.

For this reason, I was actually hugely suprised when I found some absolutely stunning designs which I wanted to share with you at the large proportion of fashion finds posts dedicated to jewelry. I have taken to tagging my posts and they normally go under the 'j'adore couture' section. I am thinking of creating a 'jewelry, jewellery and other accessories' tag now because of this. I know I shouldn't really be surprised; as I have touched upon, I have indeed amassed a huge collection of jewelry, mostly very cheap but not entirely. My collection needs regular maintainance due to the disorganised system it is currently stored in, and each time I am shocked by the treasures I find and become determined to wear my lovely pieces more. I never do.

Today, however, I happened across the wonderful treasure trove that is the Rachel Leigh Jewelry website after seeing a gorgeous girl on combining two of her favourite passions as well as mine: pearls and bows.Luckily for me, the slightly higher price point means I am unlikely to succumb to temptation and add yet more to my neglected jewelry/jewellery collection. Also, do you think I should add another tag? Do you even USE the tags?


  1. Jewellery is the British spelling, Jewelry is the American spelling. Love how there are officially two types of english! Its like realized(US) and realised (UK). Language you are so fun!

  2. I usually screw up and write jewelery, which is completely wrong. I tag my posts, but have no idea if anyone reads by tags. Lovely finds, I have entirely too much jewelry/jewellery though!