Wednesday, 4 June 2008

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We all know that feeling when you see something that you have absolutely no need for, but you buy it anyway. Sometimes you wear, it sometimes you don't. With online shopping, it's a little different (for me anyway, what about you?) because you can't immediately buy the item. It's on the screen, you have time to think about it, compare with everything else all in the comfort of your own home. For me, there is the added complication of no credit card, so I have to love something enough to borrow somebody else's to pay... find them at a time when they're willing to complete the transaction etc.

I have seen tons of beautiful items on other people's blogs and websites which you can buy on etsy, but I think that babastudioPrague is one of the loveliest etsy shop I have been lucky enough to stumble upon. None of the best pieces are particularly practical at all: silk, small and dressed-up is a combination which does not usually lead to regular wear, so in this respect I am lucky that I found this beautiful shop online.

Anyway, here is a selection of my favourite items in the shop, I hope that someone reading this will have somewhere to carry these lovely little bags:

My favourite is the first one, a structured drawstring bag of Alice in Wonderland!

This is a beautiful shoulder bag - inspired by the fairytale of The Little Mermaid

More Alice... the styling for this bag is great, check it out on the website!

My favourite illustration, Lady Dahlia, this is actually just a simple drawstring pouch but stunning nonetheless.

I love the vibrancy of the blue silk on this one!

There are so many more stunning structured drawstring bags, pouches, wristlets, totes, shoulder-bags, even tarot cards! They do also carry some sweet messenger bags but I think the bags lose their charm with (practical) size.


  1. These bags are relly great find - as they are just so different and individual! I cannot stop looking at the first one! The picture is just beautiful!

  2. Quaint and unique. I love the shapes.

  3. wow, these are gorgeous! Great finds!

  4. oh god - i have a flat full of things i dont need but HAD to have. As for the layout of my blog, it is mostly java script reading (which is not as difficult as it sounds). I also have a lovely boyfriend who helps with the more difficult html stuff. You need to get one of those. Pre rec - must be super handsome and have great IT skills. xf

  5. Etsy is addictive isn't it?

  6. I chuckled reading that Francis, it's hard enough finding one without such picky specifications! And one must always remember that they may seem perfect but that probably means they're gay...

  7. It really is a wonderful shop- it's no surprise the fashion bloggers love it!