Thursday, 5 June 2008

I saw it coming...

The SATC merchandise machine is in full swing... Carrie's macbook, high street copies of every single outfit in the film documented in low-life newspapers, and of course, a book!

It looks like the perfect lazy day, coffee table book. And yes, I did buy the Friends book. And yes, I did read it several times.

Photos from Amazon where you can buy it.


  1. I love SATC but I don't think I will buy a book about it! But I do like the cheap versions of the outfits.

    but i won't buy the book.. I'll just buy the movies DVD and make my own look book!

  3. Not the type of book I really buy, but it just goes to show thet SATC is a product.

  4. Love the pictures you have posted. you HAVE DONE AMAZING WORK them?They are fabulous!these are gorgeous illustrations!Very nice,Lovely pictures.

  5. Hmm yes I doubt I will buy it, just go to Borders and read it in a quiet corner...

    Rohit - do you mean this post? The photos aren't mine, they're off amazon, and I just saved them all as one to save space on my album.