Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Age and Size Issue

Contrary to how it may appear, judging by its title, this post is NOT about ageism or sizism, within the fashion industry or the world. It's about the July issue of British Vogue.

The cover on the left is this month's edition (well, technically July, but released in June) and the one on the right is from July last year. I do not normally read Vogue so wouldn't be aware of this, but last year's July issue is one of the few I do have. So when I saw 'Ageless Style' written across Uma Thurman's skirt whilst in the orthodontist's waiting room, I experienced a feeling of deja vu.

When I got home, I went onto the Vogue website to to check if July had been chosen as the month of Ageless Style, but July 2006 was the month of Summer Loving.

So, it seems that this was a genuine coincidence. But this leads me onto the second issue: size. How skinny have July 2007 and 2008 been? It's like July in the world of Vogue has become stuck in some sort of time warp, and really that is not acceptable.

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  1. Typically fashion advertising is at it's lowest in the post-spring early summer months, because advertisers blow their entire budgets for the March and September issues. June, July, and August are low-revenue months. The issues will get progressively "thicker" in the coming months as advertising pages increase in anticipation of the forthcoming fall season. September will be the fattest, probably more than 750 pages.