Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hello @ 10:38

This is what I love about this, I used to write my night-time thoughts down on paper then throw them away... this is so much more entertaining for everyone else.

-I've been going to sleep far too late recently. Tonight I aim for lights out at 11. That's not going to happen and tomorrow I'm going to feel it.

-I'm wondering if anyone will take 'pretty face' to mean incredibly vain. Honestly, it was intended in a completely ironic way.

-It's bizarre how people think they 'know' you on the internet. For example: the distress over Style Byte's disappearance. Someone commented that they love how I'm down to earth and honest. Thank you! But seriously where do you see that? I know someone who had a blog for a few months and had an incredibly huge following for a brief period, familiar faces really seemed to like her although she can actually be quite a nasty person sometimes.

-I thought of a great quirk and I knew I would: I haven't eaten chocolate for nearly 2 years, as a test of will-power at first. Now I can't, it's some sort of mental block.

-Do I not suit nautical or am I just unlucky so far with this lovely trend? Hmm... shall write about this in more detail I think.

-Strangely, I've had no caffeine today but I feel wide-awake. Wait, is Diet Coke caffeine free? I never have Diet Coke but I did today. Hmmm.

Was this my least coherent post so far? Or were my 'excited' posts even worse???


  1. Oh I love late night thoughts, they are the most clear in the world and yet in the morning it all seems disjointed...maybe we have to get sleepy again and break down some mental barriers to really understand them. Anyway, I really enjoyed this post. I agree with what you were saying about people "knowing" you. I am very honest on my blog but still it's just a small snippet, a tiny piece of the whole picture, so you can't really get it...most my friends don't even get me--they keep calling me mysterious or secretive and my mother says I'm like a cat...
    Oh and I have a photobucket account, I've had it for ages, the blogger one just fills so quickly.

  2. I enjoyed your late night thoughts. The whole Style Bytes thing is interesting, because seeing the way one dresses (as often as we saw her) is awfully intimate. I have good friends who I see a couple times a week, or less, and don't really see how they dress the rest of the time. I think a lot of blogging is about creating an identity- it may be one foisted upon you in high school or elsewhere, or it may be a new invention. Anyway, the personality anyone projects in their blogging is probably just one piece of the pie, I know that I'm a little bit different me in all the things I do, even though I try to bring the me's together and know who I am:)

  3. Diet Coke is decidedly NOT caffeine-free!

    I love these thoughts, keep them coming.

    I think if we like a person's blog, we begin to "like" the blogger, kind of like how we say we like Jason Statham, or Natalie Portman. We feel a false sense of closeness because we see the person in action and read their thoughts in interviews. We don't REALLY know them, do we?

  4. Uh oh in regards to the caffeine, well thanks for letting me know enc!

    I enjoyed reading them a couple of days later too... I think this idea shall be revisited.

  5. I think this idea should be revisited. Maybe a weekly round up? (I'm so nosey!)

  6. good idea rollergirl... your wish is my command! it would be lovely to have some sort of regular fixture, like your quotes of the day.

    Sunday nights methinks.