Monday, 2 June 2008

Sporting Beauties

I have never particularly enjoyed watching sport, finding it extremely dull. Playing can be great, but watching others do so? However I have spent a fair amount of time watching Wimbledon/Roland Garros due to a family which loves tennis very much. When I read an article likening Roger Federer's tennis playing to art, I began to think: can sport too be beautiful?

After all, one of my interests as mentioned on my blog profile is 'finding beauty in everything'. So far I have documented my discovery of beauty in clothes, films, books, contact lenses and shea butter. But I'm sorry, I simply cannot see beauty in sport.

Sportsmen, on the other hand...


  1. What a fun post! True, finding beauty in sportsmen is easier than finding beauty in sport!

    I'm a pretty "lazy" person, not hard to understand that xx

  2. yes, love the men, and in some cases the fashion of sports. men in baseball uniforms, anyone?

    For me there is a beauty to that perfect move, or throw, or the grace of ballet, gymnastics, or figure skating. I suppose it depends on what you find beautiful, but perfect timing, and incredible unspoken communication between teammates seems beautiful to me. But then again, I have a pretty short attention span for watching sports.

    I like that you want to find the beauty in everything:)

  3. Aaah Pamcasso of course you seem so right in writing, but as you say it feels so different after over an hour of men kicking a ball up and down the pitch.

    But ballet, I concede is beautiful!

  4. No complaints here. I tend to be "attracted" to good sportsmanship whether or not the guy is "hot."