Friday, 16 May 2008

Who said you can't dress up for school?

Although I have a school uniform, I am lucky in that my school is incredibly lax about it... I remember the days in year 7 when we'd be told off for not tucking our shirts in, or wearing brightly coloured socks but most of the anally retentive teachers have left now, and the other day when I wore my blue and white pinstripe jacket, I was kindly informed by a teacher that they weren't sure whether it was 'quite school regulations' but they liked it very much. So today I dressed up, new side-parting, pearl earrings and necklace, shirt tucked in! and blazer. The authorities actually noted that I looked 'very smart' and one friend observed that I look like the president's wife...

Maybe I didn't go quite as far as the St Trinian's pencil skirt and suspenders get-up but I was very pleased to note that you can still dress up for school!

oooh and I apologise for my terrible paint skills, one can only get better I suppose...

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