Saturday, 17 May 2008

I spend way too much on hair things

I have often been amused by pretty little hairbands, which give you a killer headache after a couple of hours of wear. Maybe this was exacerbated by wearing glasses (which I don't do much now) but certainly it meant that I spent waaay too much on little clips which tie your hair back like this:

If it ain't broke, I don't like to fix it, so I have ended up with quite a collection, but often I feel like there's not much more I can do with my hair. Then today, during a spot of retail therapy (works every time) I kept on being drawn to all sorts of bizarre hairbands. In Urban Outfitters, I came across some feathered beauties, which were a little too expensive for my liking but certainly very comfortable. After I saw a simply stunning £160 leopard print Lux trench-coat, I decided I had to leave, with a trench-coat and hairband filled hole on my heart.

The practical trench-coat hole is still waiting to be filled; there were plenty of options, but nothing quite right at the right price. It was probably inevitable that it would be so much easier to fulfill a whimsical, unnecessary desire.


  1. Try Etsy or Bona Drag for similar feathered headpieces that are FAR more reasonably priced....

  2. I really love headbands as well!
    I actually continually buy barrettes from the dollar store.

  3. Hey, sushy_h from style bubble calling!

    Nice! You can see mine here:

  4. Oh barettes, I forgot but I knew there was a word for them.

    I just looked on Bona Drag, how stunning?! Will definitely investigate further...

  5. Wow, I love headbands too, Your last headband is so lovely!