Monday, 19 May 2008

Golden Girl

Which factors do you take into consideration when you get dressed? Pure practicality? An interesting sillhouette? Flattering cuts? For day to day dressing, I like to take all these factors into account, but when I want to look special, I use colour.

I have little regard for matching shades, however it gives me great pleasure to be dressed top to toe in varying shades of the same colour, although most of the time the size of my wardrobe means it can be difficult.

Recently, I have been particularly drawn to pinks, blues, blacks and greys. However upon seeing this photo on the Sartorialist, my obsession with metallics returned:

I like dressing in metallics, more specifically gold. I have no shortage of gold accessories. Today, I am wearing gold nails, courtesy of Barry M nail polish, and a gold necklace. I have gold socks, gold shoes, gold earrings, gold eyeshadow. I even have a gold dress, but this is very dressy so I have only had one suitable occasion to wear it.

I am sure that tomorrow I will have a different desire, but right now I would really love a gold jacket, or a skirt like the one in the picture. Due to the fact that gold is quite a wintery colour, I will have to leave this particular shade aside for now. After all, gold looks terrible with my pale legs.


  1. I love little metallic details in outfits. I don't like it when it's all metallic, but I like it in little portions (like the skirt), hehe.

  2. I absolutely love the texture of the skirt...

  3. I loved this look. So great. Amazing attention to detail and layering.