Thursday, 15 May 2008


I've had braces for a couple of months now, pretty late I know but it takes a while on the NHS.
Being an especially vain person, I got myself all het up about how ridiculous I would look with braces... a nice outfit completely spoiled the minute I smile.

And it's true, I do smile properly a lot less.

But mostly I was worried about the time coming when I no longer have to wear uniform, and still having braces! If the average prediction I had set of 18-24 months was right, then this would be the case and it's what terrified me to the very core (as well as looking like Ugly Betty; I have been wearing contacts a lot more lately...) Even worse, I have not been able to ask my orthodontist how long I'll have them on, due to him complaining several times, UTENSILS IN MY MOUTH, about other patients who are constantly asking when their braces are going to come off. Isn't it just so annoying when people say stuff to you and you physically cannot reply?

To alleviate the suffering, I had a rather helpful desktop background; a picture of my teeth pre-braces, enlarged. It did comfort me somewhat, but not as much as yesterday, when I was finally told to expect to be braceless by Christmas! How fantastic?!

Obviously, utensils in my mouth, I could not express my joy, but now I can. My teeth are straightening out superfast, and to top it all off, orthodontist said that my teeth are a lovely shape and colour; that I would be the perfect tooth model once they were fixed. Best compliment I could have asked for! I've always wanted to be a tooth model almost as much as a hand model!!!


  1. Braces are all worth it in the end. I used to be really shy and when I finally got my braces off huge groups of people would come up to me and ask me to smile--so they could see. I always smiled with my mouth shut, it was really funny when they realized I was messing with them...

  2. I had braces for a looooong time as a child/teen - five years or so! But my teeth were SO BAD that they are still all a mess.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I wish I could email you to say that, but I don't know how!

  3. Thanks to both of you for the positive comments, I've never been exactly shy but it does feel odd meeting new people with braces on...

    traveller - no problem, although I have written my email in the about me!! I love your writing style.

  4. LOL at tooth model! Seriously though, good teeth are so important. Lecture over.