Tuesday, 6 May 2008


For all my love of fashion, I have to admit that I rarely venture onto style.com or read many of the main fashion glossies, because I don't particularly see the appeal in making myself feel green with envy at the glamorous lives of others. But for the legendary Costume Institute's Party, with a theme of superheroes I HAD to make an exception.

I particularly liked the year with a London theme. I thought this theme would be even better. I was pretty disappointed with the turnout; this is a COSTUME party. Where are the costumes, people? 90% of the guests looked like they were attending some charity gala or possibly the Oscars...


More black, more boring:

Love you Julia, but totally irrelevent:

Who is she?

I could go on for a while but it was getting a bit dull... so here are the stand-outs, in my humble opinion of course:

Still, all a bit tame, no? This is more like it:

So cute!


  1. I cant say I like that blue drapy one

    but i CAN say i like your blog!


  2. woohoo i wish it wasn't so blatant who you are so i could think that i actually had a reader base ;)

    id love your blog if you had one too honey