Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Dressing Up

Sometimes, I buy things because they make me feel like I'm a character from a movie or a book. If I buy a perfectly fitted trench coat, I'll be miraculously transformed into Holly Golightly, won't I? I can wear my gold Burberry dress to the library; she wore full-length Givenchy for breakfast.

Ok, maybe I'm slightly deluded, but it doesn't stop me.

When I put on these shoes, I'm as good a ballerina as Posy from 'Ballet Shoes'; it doesn't matter my widowed ballerina mother didn't give them to me when she gave me away to Gum.

I'll just slip this dress on and get an invite to a long glamorous weekend in the countryside, the kind where there's murder at midnight...

When I don my super sexy Christopher Kane pencil skirt I'm... OK let's not go there.

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