Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Today, while adding my newest purchase to the nail polish box, I decided it would be fun examine its contents and to count all my polishes.

My first reaction was wondering if maybe I had a problem. I decided that I did. But the definition of this problem evolved from

I have far too many nail polishes


They're all the same colour! I have two true reds, two dark reds, two pastel purples, two greys and two hot pinks. Why?


Most of them are probably/maybe dried out anyway


I don't have any deep pinks, or light blues, or dark greens, or polish with a crackle effect. I need to buy more nail polish.

Yeah, I think we need to go back to problem number one.

EDIT: so after I posted this photo, I realised there were two more polishes that weren't in the nail polish box but the make-up box. THERE MAY BE MORE.

EDIT EDIT: weird that it happens to be a blog post about nail polish that has inspired so much thought, anyway, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and came across this post from 2008. Back in the day when I thought I had an impressive collection. Oh, the innocence.


  1. Thanks to this post I realize that I don't use the polishes I buy. When I go and get my nails done I always have them use the same colours. It is interesting that I buy what I don't use and I don't buy what I use most. I can't explain it.

  2. Quadruple that and you have my collection!

  3. I am lol at this post. Too cute.

    I used to love experimenting with nailpolish when I was a kid and teen but haven't worn any for years now. Lately I've got the itch to play around with it again!