Monday, 26 April 2010

spring/summer footwear

I really am struggling with footwear this summer. The weather has suddenly taken a turn for the better, so my new boots are definitely relegated for the time being.

In the meantime, I am wearing these super-comfy cuties. Day in, day out.

But I am quickly growing tired of them. I am also running out of cut-away socks to wear them with. Also, they fact that they are completely does nothing for my legs. I miss the subtle heel on my winter boots.

My other options from last summer are weirdly all no longer suitable. The converse I used to rely on now give me tremendous blisters, ever since I wore them for a half hour walk without socks (even though now I wear them with thick sport socks... it's really odd!). I am not feeling the Birkenstocks at all. I obviously, being a girl, have a multitude of colourful pumps but they all hurt like hell and are mainly too small. I just keep them 'cos they're pretty. The last two summers I had the most awesome pair of white leather moccasins EVER, but I literally wore them to death and the whole things unravelled.

Basically I am left with these as an option (which isn't happening).

Digging around in my shoe chest, I came across these:

When I first bought them about 3 years ago for something like a tenner from Topshop, everyone made fun of my granny shoes. And indeed, walking in them would be better described as hobbling. But I love them, and they don't hurt my feet when I'm stationary, which is already one up from all the pumps in my shoe chest. So I'm going to try to wear them tomorrow, armed with boxes of plasters and my comfortable Clarks in a spare bag. I feel like such an old lady already!


  1. I think there is something sweet and ladylike about them. They aren't at all granny, at least to my eye. Hope they don't hurt your feet!xxoo

  2. Well, for what it's worth, I think they're DARLING. And not grannyish in the least!

  3. One thing I REALLY can't stand -- uncomfortable flats! You're braver than I am.

  4. The shoes are so cute! How did you fare in them? What did you pair them with? :)