Sunday, 28 February 2010

spring allowance

Yesterday I went job-browsing. Instead of a job, a 30% discount on denim at GAP caught my eye.

I haven’t spent money on myself in a while. Simply all the money I can afford to spend has gone on gifts for other people (which is why I was looking for a job). But my mind was also fixated on a denim waistcoat, having got over and moved on, for now, from my winter obsession with a fur gilet. Luckily for my bank balance, this cool concept almost always looks horrible in person, on person.

But the waistcoat I spied on a mannequin was perfect. And it felt so Spring-like, which seemed so apt considering it is March tomorrow and this would be the first non-woolen top I would have bought in what feels like years, but is actually months. It doesn't matter that I have already spent all the money I can afford for the rest of spring on what is essentially the least useful item of clothing possible, because it is an item of clothing which is perfect for spring.


  1. I bet you'll wear it a lot! It will liven up any ordinary t-shirt.

  2. I like it, it is perfect for spring.

  3. Perfection transcends mere limitations like money. Doesn't it?;-) It is indeed the perfect spring pick-me-up.