Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bad Blogger

Oops, I forgot to mention I'd be away for a while last week! That is really definitely the sign of a bad blogger. I went on holiday to Istanbul on Saturday and was busy, busy all of Friday.

I am now typing this on my laptop the first night I have had alone since we got here. I have loads of photos to share with you which are all fabulously stylish, which will probably feel like a huge digression because for once I will not be digressing from the topic of style. However those will have to wait until Sunday because the laptop does not have a place in which I can insert the memory card and I left the lead for the camera at home.

For now, I have a webcam! Which I do not have on my home PC. So I trieed to get you some photos and videos of Istanbul by night, for which I suspended the laptop out of the window. I hope maybe that makes me a more dedicated, if not better blogger. But at the end of the day, I failed miserably, so that probably just makes me stupid...

See you when I get back!


  1. Lucky you to go on a nice trip!

  2. Istanbul, how exotic!! You must share more. I am desperate to live vicariously.xoxo