Sunday, 3 January 2010

jumping on the bandwagon totally late

Today my friend and I were browsing a small local boutique. As she flicked through the black silk dresses, black satin dresses, black shiny leggings, black sequin skirts and black wool cardigans, she said that she was trying not to buy so many dark things. She prefers pastels, and apparently they're coming into fashion next season (maybe that's why so much black was on sale?).

Personally I look awful in pastels, and semi-awful but also slim in black.

But I have just watched my first episode of Mad Men, and have firmly jumped onto the Mad Men bandwagon ridiculously late. I'm like that with everything: first oblivious, then skeptical, then hesitant, then wondering if I'm too late, before finally celebrating whatever it is which has been popular for several years already. Flattery will get you most places, but if you called me trendy I'd know you were lying.

One of the main brand the boutique stocks is Darling. Their current image is as far away from the sophistication of Mad Men with its floatiness and fluffiness as possible. But the look that we saw on sale was still pastel, but much more fitted and I suddenly found myself wondering if I ought to buy the pale pink brocade shift dress and matching pale pink brocade bolero.

In the end, I decided that I couldn't afford both. And neither would be right without the other. Also, I don't work in an office with Don Draper.


  1. It's weird - everyone loves wearing black (me included), but it's actually quite hard on the face (i.e. teint), whereas pastels probably give us a healthy glow. How about Mad Man look in pastels? Sabine x

  2. Although I haven't watched Mad Men yet (I've been meaning to jump that bandwagon for a while) I would love to embrace the fashion. Not only is the clothing so gorgeous, it celebrates women w/ curves...and I am one of them!


  3. Mad Men has some simply beautiful costumes doesn't it? I jumped on the band wagon mid 2009 and am just now watching season two. I think you might be able to build up to wearing something similar :) Happy New Year!

  4. All the pastels for spring are kind of killing me...I like real colors (as Coco Chanel would say "a color that looks like a color!"), but some of the nudish is ones are appealing.
    And welcome to the Mad Men bandwagon. It's never too late. :) Look at everyone online who JUST discovered "My So Called Life."

  5. I love jewel tones. (No jewelry pun intended)