Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I'll keep this short.

(Very short)

Today I played a fun game over lunch!

Tea, tomato soup and tequila is a combination I have never tried before, but it's surprisingly nice.

(Fortunately) I had to leave pretty early as I had a haircut booked. I ran for the bus. Left my pashmina on the bus. Got there on time. Requested haircut.

I probably drank my drinks in a slightly more alcoholic ratio than I had originally thought. I now have short hair.

(Very short).

I love it!

(Also loving the tag for this post - 'beauty potions')


  1. Note to self...don't get drunk before a hair appointment ;-)
    It's good to know that you love your hair! How much was cut off?


  2. Tee hee! That's very funny! Yes, how much was cut off?

    PS This is actually Nin from PeachyHollow. I changed to a new blog, too many people I actually know were reading the old one and I felt stifled. Here's the new link: www.virginiapeachblog.com :)

  3. My hair is curly, the longest bits reach my collarbone!!! Got good reactions today, although I'm starting to think I should have gone even shorter....