Wednesday, 16 December 2009

keen christmas

Normally, the wait for Christmas seems to drag on forever. This year, on the other hand, Christmas seems to have snuck up on me from behind and pounced, nine days too early.

Today really did feel like Christmas.

The only sufficient way to describe the level of cold today (degrees celsius not being of any consequence here, of course) to any girl interested in fashion is the fact that I wore a fleece. Yes, you read right, my deeply unstylish normally relegated the confines of house or tent, navy blue Berghaus fleece. That's how cold it was.

Oh, and also, it snowed. White Christmas!

I had Christmas dinner, complete with little green balls I didn't recognise. Part of my brain wondered 'what's this?', the mouth part me of popped one in before promptly spitting it out. Normally I wouldn't be so unladylike, but I feel that maybe this one occasion is acceptable seeing as it was after all my Formal Introduction to Brussel Sprouts.

According to the townsfolk of Who-ville (whom I watched today), Christmas isn't about the presents. Still, it did feel like the only thing lacking from today was presents. I was surprised and overly squeely when presented with this gift bag:

Super posh bath salts. I am not really into luxurious bathing, but I found that Christmas springing itself upon me so unexpectedly had taken a lot out of me, my hair still smelt over-whelmingly of product from yesterday's haircut and the added stress of a family member's accident and waiting for news all induced me to try out my new present.

Now I really have to go; late-night present wrapping for Secret Santa tomorrow calls. Doesn't feel much like Christmas anymore.


  1. You can grow to love Brussel Sprouts!

  2. I saw on facebook that it was snowing, how exciting :) I wish it would do that here...