Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Sometimes I wonder if maybe I am just a masochist.

I know how much better I feel when I am not tired, but I still go to sleep late when I am not even doing anything on a Monday night.

I know not putting any make-up on will make me feel ugly but I am in too much of a rush to care.

I know that my hair is in bad condition because I pull off the split ends but when I am distracted I still do it.

I will regret not doing one piece of work now, tomorrow. It makes it worse to continue to talk to a guy I want to get over. I was too tired to go for a run and now I won't have a chance to until the weekend and I wish I did. I'm still going to go and log onto Facebook even though it won't make me happy.

How do you make yourself do things which are good for you? Or if that's too outrageously optimistic, how do you not do the things which are bad for you?


  1. I know this feeling...I have periods (like right now) when it seems I deliberately do things that make me feel worse. I eventually snap out of it, I guess.

  2. I guess you just need to suck it up and remember that you will regret it if you don't do something that makes you happy or do something that won't.

  3. I do the same things, Pretty. I think we all do.

    (I'm on Facebook, too! How do I find you?)