Tuesday, 4 August 2009

exploiting your resources

I feel a little bad having lapsed a bit in blogging ferocity, and now coming on here and doing a SOS post*. But I have a feeling that the small questions I have asked myself today would be ones you could very easily answer. So I am going to put one to you today, and maybe one tomorrow too. I have been readily exploiting my resources at work anyway, doing that obligatory helping myself to certain resources; helping myself to teabags aplenty; helping myself to a notepad from the stationary department once when I had an idea I just had to write down, and I'd left my notebook at home. Most relevant to this post: helping myself to workouts in the basement gym whenever I can. If I am going to miss anything about that work, it will surely be the cross-trainer, the exercise balls, the dumbells and most of all the 2x weekly aerobics class.

Today was my last aerobics session working on abs and arms. I was determined to at least try to memorise the exercises which do not require equipment I don't have; of course now I can only remember the ones which use balls and bells (although of course I have absolutely no idea what they are called...). Actually that's a lie; I can remember the push-ups and the planks perfectly well. How could anyone ever forgot those nightmares?

Lying on the floor when I got home, hoping that somewhere in my muscles there might remain some memory of the exercises I did barely 3 hours ago, I instead remembered the fabulous gym bunny bodies that I know quite a few of you lovely readers are blessed (read: work damn hard for) with. I wondered: which abs/arms exercises do you do without exercise equipment? I vaguely remember something about putting your arms behind your neck, lifting the shouders off the ground and doing some crazy shizzle with your legs... alas that is as far as my recollection goes. And if you do do these exercises, do you do them with a trainer so that you don't break your back as I probably would end up doing? How on earth do you have the memory to remember all the moves?

*basically a label for posts which fall under the category of cheekily exploiting my readership and asking questions with the entire selfish purpose of getting the answer; no interesting debate etc etc, just you saving my soul with your knowledge. Click here to see all posts in this category - it's never too late to reply!


  1. I don't do those reverse push-up dealies, and definitely don't boast the most toned arms in the blogosphere, but if you're curious about my routine, drop me a note, kitten!

  2. Hey, I am not much for working out, but I find that the 'pilates hundred' is one of the most killer ab exercises on the planet. the version I do involves laying on your back, lifting your legs up straightish less than 45 degrees, then bending slightly forward with your shoulders and chin and, with arms out at your sides, flapping your arms up and down a hundred times. Trust me it isn't as fun as it sounds! Here's a better explanation: http://www.easyvigour.net.nz/pilates/h_pilates1.htm

    For arms, I find that doing yoga sun salutations is a pretty decent workout on its own, but I also do pushups some, lift little weights in different ways, and um, because I spend some time around horses (not lately but generally), I often carry two five gallon water buckets around, or haybales... I have to say I find exercise really difficult if the entire purpose is getting pumped up, but that is a different rant!

  3. I have no idea! Something about using baked bean cans as weights?! Other than that the only exercises I know are from the Janice Battersby work out! In fact I've probably forgotten them too..

  4. interesting