Friday, 31 July 2009

off to bed; goodbye July

I am absolutely cream crackered, as they say in Cockney Rhyming Slang.

I am so sorry for my more than slightly intermittent posting.

I am even more sorry, probably more for me than for you, dear readers (I could not presume that it were upsetting to you if I posted less; only that I know it upsets me), because I cannot see August's post count improving particularly.

I am barely at home right now, but that ends next week (yay!) with the end of my temporary work.

I am, after that, going to not be at home at all, apart from a brief weekend during which

I am particularly excited about going to see the new Time Traveler's Wife movie.

I am guilty for the fact that I have scheduled no posts for these internet breaks, as I did last year when I was a much better blogger.

I am not sure that even in September will my post count be even better, as I will be thrust into newness and hard work.

I am feeling even more cream crackered just thinking about all this.

I am off to bed; goodbye July.

Edit: I left this reply on Zmaga's blog, which I thought might be a useful addition to this post. Sorry for my vagueness last night, what can I say; my mind works much more lucidly on 13 hours of sleep:

And don't worry; I was only saying goodbye July, and that my posting will continue intermittently as it is right now; you haven't got rid of me quite yet.

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