Friday, 12 June 2009

post cop-out

So, I took the photos, started the drafts, was about to sit down and properly write. But oh no, no, that would require far too much effort in my current zombie-like state. For the past 6 days I have worked so hard, and then I went and undid all that virtuousness in 5 hours of eating, watching TV, walking, and occasionally catching myself having been staring into space doing absolutely nothing at all for 5 or so minutes.

I promise, I will finish those drafts. But today, I came across another fabulous new blog, and by fabulous, I mean fabulous; as you must know, I have very good taste in the blogs I read.

So I decided to just link this blog. But then, once I made that decision I realised that there was actually loads to write about it.

Like how it's an interesting political statement about consumerism.

Like how much I love the innovative styling that goes into it every day.

Like how much I deplored the uniform I had to wear every day until about two months ago.

Like how little effort I ever put into that uniform, well, not for a long time. When I was younger I used to try to be all creative with it, but in the last year I just struggled through it.

Like how mind-boggling it is for me that someone could maintain inspiration for such great accessorising when they have the same dress to work around.

Like how, oh my god, I wish I was this good with my clothes; I've probably got worse without a uniform, when I used to make an effort in the weekends and now rarely do at all.

Like how gorgeous this woman is. How I'm totally jealous.


  1. I couldn't agree more. You have very good taste in blogs. I am off to be inspired by this inspirational blog( she certainly got you thinking and writing!).

    Hope you have a restful and restorative weekend. p.s. Staring in space is not such a bad way to spend time.;-)

  2. Wow, that girl is so creative! I love her blog! And I hate you for mentioning this cool blog in the middle of my revision session! Nah, just kiddin', I couldn't possibly hate you :))

  3. I think it is a fun idea...but I wore a uniform before and I do not need to go back there. I really admire people who shop exclusively secondhand, or budget $1 a day for their wardrobe for the whole year...