Saturday, 6 June 2009

grey and blue and boots!!!

So I was thinking of places to look for shoes, and the lovely Disney Roller Girl mentioned that Solea are having a sale, and they're going in a different direction next season. So off I trotted to look for some nice mid-heels.

What did I find?

OK, so they are neither for summer nor heeled, nor particularly cheap at £99.

But I have also wanted these boots for over two years, ever since I spotted them in the Selfridges shoe department and fell in love with the boot/button combination.

And I also feel that I deserve to treat myself to a nice gift right now.

I have no boots at the moment as I threw all my pairs away about a month ago; they were old and holey and I was feeling minimalist. But after gazing in shock at these boots for a couple of moments, and having recovered from my surprise, I realised that I wasn't sure I liked them any more. The toe at the front looked like an odd shape.The grey/blue colour combo would look faintly ridiculous matched with my grey and blue wardrobe of clothes. The teensy heel is a little infantile. The slouchiness does not excite me. The height is all wrong.

So, for a moment, I'd thought my shopping mojo was finally back. Here I was, considering a spend of £100 on something not at all necessary (right now at least). And then the criticisms started flooding my mind.

I'm not upset; it's unsurprising that something I loved over two years ago doesn't factor very well into my current style. I also realise that such a big buy is jumping into a very, very deep end after many months of trying to build up the courage to dip my toe into the paddling pool.

And I need to find something new, which takes my breath away for the first time, to make me jump.


  1. I always buy off-season. If you see something good, grab it even if you have to wait six months to wear it! That's my policy.

  2. I think you did well to hold off. Something truly new will catch your eye soon, I'm sure of it!

  3. they are cute boots but I always think if you aren't 100% sure about big purchases, there is probably a reason why and it's best to hold off...