Thursday, 4 June 2009



I have missed you, dear readers.

You see, normally, when my blogging lapses for a couple of days, it is because I realise I have nothing to say. Or I can't be bothered to write about anything. And this lapse in posting has in fact been longer than any posting lapse in the entirety of this blog's 13 month history (excluding holidays during which I have pre-scheduled posts).

Unlike these previous breaks, this time I have absolutely bursting with things to say.

A couple of days ago, at 11.30 in the evening, I was hit by a wave of inspiration and sat down to commence a post draft

Even as I type this returning message, I am itching to write a post I have been planning for over 24 hours now.

Yet both times, I am too tired to construct the posts. I have been a very good student and conscientiously revised lots and lots... consequently, I am completely drained (and I still don't feel that I have done as brilliantly as one ought to when they decide to be a very good student).
Well, at least I have a long weekend to recuperate, before next Monday begins a repeat of this week. So now I felt I should let you know that I am not dead, or something along those lines... and now I am off to catch up on all the TV I have forbidden myself, and probably hit the bed at some time around 8PM. The rest of my posts will have to wait.

But, having now come up for air, I hope to see a lot more of you in the next few days - in between lots of good studying, of course. Next week, I fear I am going to have to go underwater once more.


  1. Be back soon! Good students need distractions too ;) [including me :)]

  2. Missed you too!!

    I remember when I was in school how delicious every distraction from studying was. Really, never has bad TV been so good as when I had a test that I needed to study for.

    p.s.I am still posting mostly M-w-F. I do occasionally sneak in another post. If you subscribe to my blog you'll never miss a post. I do know I am going to post tomorrow.( Yet, another distraction;-).

  3. I also haven't blog much, because of work.
    Hope everything is great with you and be back soon, dear.

    Have a fantastic weekend