Sunday, 31 May 2009

sunny pc

I have a lot of exams in the next couple of weeks so my posting will probably be minimal.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful in London recently; my white-as-snow redheaded self is a surprising sun-lover. OK, when I'm abroad it can get a bit intense if I have left my sunglasses and Aloe Vera gel, what with the headaches and heat rash. But this gentle London heat: perfect.

Damn it, it's so hard to sit at your desk overlooking a sunny scene.

And even when my gaze is firmly fixed on the computer, I am reminded of the rare weather I am missing out on. My screensaver, weather forecast and other summery gadgets shine out and taunt me.


  1. Well, if you have to work on your computer, might as well make it fun!

  2. I love London in summer. I feel so nostalgic for it.

  3. Oooh, I love the summery freshness of your computer screen. It smells like mint/jasmine. You have inspired me to do a makeover on my computer.
    Happy studying!

  4. aaah Zmaga, I'm not sure if that's possible.. good luck with your exams too by the way!

    enc - hello stranger ;) you know i feel nostalgic for it too, seeing as it decided to go awol in 2008

    belette - you are very right. and guess what perfume i was wearing? thanks darling - although thats an paradox if i ever saw one..

  5. Good luck on your exams..=)
    Btw, following your blog.=)

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    The Brown Mestizo