Thursday, 7 May 2009


If you don't like people gloating, you can look away now.

Less than a week ago I was entirely down in the dumps and listing all the things which made me feel down in the dumps.

And now, I am in a complete daze. How many good things can happen in one day?

There are plenty of reasons people can give. There is the theory of the wheel of fortune and when you get right to the bottom... the only way is up, up, up. As I have said plenty of times, all things come to an end, including the bad things. Maybe I just deserved it for sucking it all up and carrying on.

A couple of weeks ago I lost a very important log book. It has been playing on my mind every day now, even if it is not at the forefront. Yesterday I used the old trick of tying a handkerchief in a knot at all corners. Yesterday morning. And five minutes ago, I only found the bloody log book!

Five days ago I received a very disappointing rejection letter. I tore at my hair, beat at my breast and all that. And this afternoon, five days later I received a very exciting acceptance letter. So, I didn't get one thing. But I got the other and that almost makes the first rejection alright!

The sunny transition from spring to summer is supposed to be happy. But for me, hayfever always prevents a little bit of joy. This time last week I had an acupuncture session and as a result the hayfever flared up to epic proportions. I was miserable. But, touchwood, it seems to have worked and only as I document how I have changed in one week, do I notice that I haven't sneezed for several hours.

The other bane of this time period for most people aged 16-18: exams. But having received a series of very encouraging grades, I feel slightly better. Better enough to not bother picking up a single textbook this entire day. And only feeling slightly guilty.

Now that I have started, I could carry this on forever. I shared a delicious meal out with my darling mother tonight. I was wearing my gorgeous new jeans, purchased in a hugely productive retail therapy session this weekend. But this is all getting a little bit sickly, isn't it? And this post has definitely had the desired effect; you might be surprised how much fun a little bit of gloating is. Your turn.

Update: you may not believe this. I just found a pair of sunglasses I have been looking for for well over a month.


  1. Hurrah! You deserved a turn of luck, doll.

  2. Congratulations on the acceptance letter!

  3. I am hoping some of your luck rubs off on me!

  4. Ha-ha, fun post. I wish I could gloat, but at the moment I am sick and miserable. And all the signs around my campus about swine flu are making me paranoid.

  5. Woo-hoo!!!!!Hooray for you!! Gloat away. I love to see good things happen to you.

  6. Yay happy for you dear! I definitely think there is something true about the ol' karma tale...still waiting expectantly for my luck to change!