Monday, 20 April 2009

treasure trove

Two of the things I find most relaxing are taking a ton of photographs, and admiring the objects of the photographs. Since I also really enjoy creating cards (pretty much my only creative-in-a-practical-way outlet) my room is a treasure trove of beautiful card, ribbons, buttons and pretty much everything I can lay my hands on. I am sure I have enough things to make clothes, jewellery etc; I am very well supplied, however my skill/time really doesn't extend that far.

I don't often spend very much money on craft supplies, preferring to accumulate bits and bobs along the way. However I recently went through a bout of creating several cards which all required quite a lot of material and left my supplies sadly depleted. I bought a couple of bog standard cards to tide me over, and so you can only imagine how delighted I was when my sister presented me with a cute little present she'd got me. Two of the most unique and beautiful pieces of card I have laid my eyes upon:

Before long, you've guessed it, I was happily flicking through and snapping away at the other greatest 'jewels' in my treasure trove.

I once decided to take up sewing. I bought a sewing machine, and my friends all got together for my birthday to buy this awesome stackable sewing stuff storage unit + all the sewing accessories you'd ever need. These days, the storage finds itself home to all my spare buttons, ribbons and the thread and needles which I use on my card work.

I am not disdainful of the more cookie-cutter variety of crafts. I did not buy these but have found these cut out letters which came in a Christmas card-making pack (along with pop-out shapes and glittery, velvety and shiny card) surprisingly versatile.

I also have a big brown box which is home to all the completely random bits and bobs which find themselves becoming useful. Old jewellery, skeleton leaves, bits of ribbon, glitter, sequins and scrap material live here in glorious chaos.

Do you have any treasure troves like this at home? What do you use them for: collages, scrapbooks, or just for ogling?


  1. One of my work buddies will occasionally deposit a giant ziploc bag of junk jewelry in my cube ... so I've got a lot of miscellaneous stuff in my crafting bag!

    Show us more of your homemade cards, won't you? Or are they all given away?

  2. Like the bigggest geek that I am, I photograph them all, Sal. So I do have pictures of them all.

    One day I could sell them but I doubt it'd be very profitable since I spend approximately 10000000000 hours on one card!

  3. I like to oogle at makeup & shoes :)

  4. I love putting away in boxes these treasures- I have ribbons, odds and ends, old holiday cards, fabric, and photographs - wonderful!

  5. Oh I would like to see more about your handmade cards, it seems to be so beautiful!!!

    Well, I haven't much of these treasures, I moved many times of house and everytime we did a cleaning.... so...

    Hope you're ok, dear