Sunday, 19 April 2009


I arrived home yesterday evening, although unsurprisingly I didn't have time to post; I was more preoccupied spending nearly an hour trying to wash salt and sulphur out of my hair (nice).

At times it was annoying not having my camera to capture more tricky things like the insanely clear and starry sky, the sweeping mountains, or pools of water filled with coins, or the Norther Lights. So you can imagine how delighted I was to have managed to take this photo of a rainbow at the bottom of a waterfall.

I find rainbows fascinating. In nature, they are so beautiful in their unnatural colour scheme. In fashion, I am yet to see a rainbow design which isn't instantly tacky.

Maybe this is something to do with the fine balance required for a rainbow. You need two constrasting weather types: sun and rain. This in itself fascinates me because it is a reminder that life is always about opposites, happiness and sadness, sun and rain, however (or perhaps therefore) it is beautiful.

There is that myth about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I love little stories like that, creations of the imagination which have charmed us so much that they have endured. When I was away, our tour guide told us many stories about elves and trolls and ogres and ghosts. On the final day, he said to us:

'Thank you. For many years now, fewer humans believe in these creatures. I believe that perhaps this is something to do with the advent of the electric light. But as long as someone believes, they will stay alive. So thank you for believing, and they will stay alive because of you'

Yes, I chuckled a little, but I also think that it's a sweet thought that leprechauns and elves, trolls, ghosts and ogres do exist in the most beautiful realms of nature.


  1. Don't forget pixies and fairies :)

    p.s. unfortunately, it's not my photobucket, that's why I put the credit!

  2. This tour sounds wonderful, and from that picture I can well see why people still believe in the mythical

  3. I love rainbows too--they definitely still seem magical. I remember when I believed leprechauns could transform themselves into household items and hide in your home...I would set up traps to try to catch them--no lie!

  4. Something about your header( the fly and the crystal always makes me think of rainbows). I think you have that ability to hold two different weathers at once and hence your ability to produce rainbows. I love that image. I am leaving your blog with that firmly implanted in my head. Lovely.