Thursday, 2 April 2009

post-it updates

I realised today that, instead of having nothing to write about... I have way too much to write about.
  • Today was the end of an era; an era of acrylic jumpers, trousers with broken zips, holey trainers, painful pumps, shapeless shirts with buttons missing and my daily uniform for the past five years.
  • Today I realised it's time to get fit for summer. I'll be upping the exercise routine big-time. Yay?
  • Today I discovered that I still fit into a vintage white dress from several summers ago. So what, it squashes my boobs a little? It still looks pretty sexy.
  • Today I wore my new home-made haircut. My hair feels a lot lighter.
It feels a little wasteful, squishing the potential for a handful of posts into one. But I'm in a decadent mood. Enjoy.


  1. End of an era? What is over for you?
    I need to get fit for summer as well...upping my exercise routine will mean actually exercising...