Wednesday, 22 April 2009

i want moooooore

I haven't been buying very many clothes lately, and I have come to the conclusion that my wardrobe simply isn't extensive enough. Now, this would probably be a dream for plenty of people who are just itching for an excuse to buy lots of new stuff. However for me it's not like that because there isn't really anything specific which I want to buy and need an excuse for. Wait, no, let me amend that. There isn't really anything other than high-heeled evening shoes or a huge feathery, fluffy jacket which I want to buy.

The stupid starry shoes which I've been wanting for ever. I want them in silver but I'll take them in gold too.

That doesn't really help though, since my quest is based around shopping for day-to-day items, now that I've discovered that my hot pink high-waisted pleated corduroy skirt with heart shaped gold buttons isn't so cut out for casual wear. I've been shopping plenty of times, but I only ever seem to come away having spent a ridiculous amount of money on frappucinos, honey popcorn and meals at Leon. Oxford Circus makes it so easy for you to spend your money. Either that, or I come away with another beautiful, but essentially useless, bracelet.

It doesn't help either that I'm not really digging my body right now. It's stupid, I know, because everywhere I look I see plenty of people with stunning bodies wearing hideous outfits, and people of all shapes and sizes in drop-dead gorgeous fashion. Still, I don't claim to be reasonable, sensible or rational right now.

Tomorrow I am planning on going shopping. This will require some serious effort because I can think of lots of things more fun than a shopping trip right now i.e. drinking lots of tea, going for a run in the park, having a back-to-back mindless TV marathon, revising for my worryingly soon exams (OK so that last one doesn't sound like that much fun I suppose). Oh my god, who abducted the old me??? I want her back!!!


  1. We've GOT to figure out a way to rekindle your shopping passion, lady!

  2. Good luck on your shopping venture! I'm only every satisfied with my wardrobe (or body) for a split second--and then I see room for improvement!

  3. Good luck girl..;D
    Looking forward on your next post friend.;D

  4. lovely post and that shoes really capture my eyes.;D

  5. I think everyone goes through stages like this.. don't force the shopping! let it come to you in the form of irrational wanting of something over priced you don't need!

  6. Please dear, don't force shopping. If you have no feeling for it, don't. I have my phases that I do not "need" to shop. And I think that's great.

    Hope you're having a great wkend


  7. Hope you get those silver shoes on our feet, practical or not!

  8. Haha, lots of contrasting advice here. I went shopping and did buy something lovely, which I'm going to try to post about today... and susie I WILL wear those shoes someday, even if I am just trying them on...