Sunday, 29 March 2009

hot pink feet

I'm not sure exactly what's wrong with it, but the arch of my right foot has been incredibly sore this past week. I attributed it to running in ancient cross-trainers, and wearing a pair of entirely unsupportive ballet pumps.

What can I say, any excuse to go shoe shopping.

Anyway, so yesterday I bought a new pair of shoes actually designed for running! My budget was tight, but I still managed to find a pair which are relatively multi-purpose and closer to cross-trainers, which is exactly what I was after. I've still yet to find an aesthetically pleasing pair of sports trainers which don't cost £1,000,000 but the hot pink tick on my new pair helps a little. You can't see it so well in this photo, but it really is hot pink.

So this morning I went running, but my foot is still sore, so that probably wasn't the best idea. Still, I can't stand staying still. So I decided that maybe the shoes I wear the rest of the time are part of the problem and headed off to Covent Garden aka Shoe Heaven. Literally, every other shop there sells shoes, and every fourth shop there is a shoe shop.

After an exhaustive seacrch, I found a comfortable pair of flats which were neither orthopaedic in appearance nor £1,000,000. But one size was a smidgeon too small the size up way too wide. I was on the brink of tears leaving them behind, but what has to be done has to be done. When I got home, however, I Googled the brand (I found the shoes not in the brand shop but a shoe boutique) and guess what, they do half sizes! And guess what else, they do hot pink!

So hopefully soon my feet will be less sore, my shoe collection larger and, of course, much more hot pink.


  1. Covent Garden is best for shoes though you have to dodge the charity workers (I have a special route for doing so)
    If I were a sporty girl, those are the sort of trainers I would wear!

  2. Hurray for pink shoes!!!!


  3. I hope you feet are happy as they are pretty in pink.