Monday, 23 February 2009

Off to bed posts

Do you remember my Sunday night off to bed posts? Yeah, they kind of petered out. Anyway, the point was that perhaps posting late, just as my mind was beginning to shut down, might result in some more natural writing. If that didn't happen, then it never failed to be amusing.

But last night, if the off to bed posts were still happening, it would have clocked in at approximately 8PM. I was that tired. Originally, my friend and I had planned to watch the Oscars into the early hours, but that didn't happen. And now I have to resort to youtube clips; I just love the Oscars!

So this is meant to be some sort of explanation for recent lack of posting - I am dog-tired. Normal service should resume Wednesday. Please keep with me.

And on that note, who stopped following my blog?? I would be personally offended if I wasn't still half asleeep!


  1. oh my,,
    You really need to take a rest..=(
    But still keep on writing friend..
    Nice to see your post,they are great..
    Have a nice day..=)