Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Crushes you just shouldn't have

We all have crushes we shouldn't have; maybe you've fallen for their charms but they're really quite nasty, or maybe it simply will never happen. As with most normal people, I find it quite easy to accept that any hot celebrity crush I have is merely a fantasy. This probably has something to do with the slightly ridiculous level of their beauty (you'll find plenty of examples of beautiful boys if you look under the slightly misleading tag of 'my cultural education'), which elevates them to a shelf of unattainability which is just way too far out of reach and gets dusty and old pretty fast.

Maybe it's for this reason that real-life crushes are so much harder to let go of. However right he absolutely is for me, James Franco and I will never be together but however wrong that real guy is for me, we might maybe just possibly have a chance.

But that still doesn't explain the reason for some other seriously long-term celebrity loves I've had, the ones which my friends ridicule me for and should probably fall squarely under the category 'crushes you just shouldn't have'. I'm sure you all have people like this too, and I'd love it if you shared.

These men all have children who are approximately my own age, and although I obviously disagree, their looks have definitely been called into question. The only way I can explain this otherwise inexplicable infatuation must be their talent. And so, in Oscar speech style perfectly befitting these talented actors, I dedicate this post to those crushes I just shouldn't have.


  1. Hey, you're drawn to what you're drawn to ... regardless of age, feasibility, and other baffling factors.

    And I'm with you on all three. Love me a craggy-faced man.

  2. I love Hugh Laurie!!!!! Men do get better with age (like wine) ;)

  3. I'm all about the Hanson brothers, they grew up!!!

  4. And a couple of my friends have a thing for Gordon Ramsey??!

  5. yes!
    That was a great post my friend.
    They still look handsome even though they are getting older already..=)
    Keep on writing.
    I hope you could put my blog link in your site.
    I would really appreciate it..=)
    have a nice day..

  6. Crushes don't follow logic...I'm still waiting for Cary Grant.

  7. Daniel Day Lewis was my first crush - he's just so gorgeous but in a manly way - there are no boys in your list. I never understood the appeal of Leonardo di Caprio - just too babyfaced.

    I think these men have a certain charm in a very masculine way, and they also have kind of lived in faces which makes them more interesting.

  8. Sal - love ya! so funny: 'love me a craggy-faced man'

    SER: YUCK! Gordon Ramsay? Horses for courses, I suppose...

    Solo - yes, i will keep writing...

    Clothes Horse: good luck with that. I've almost given up on Clark Gable, but not quite...

    Imogen - but I love Leo too! But it was his role as Romeo which did that for me, I can see how he's gone all sort of mushy now.