Friday, 6 February 2009

Another tongue

Detective Pretty Face is back, but this time she wishes she could speak Norwegian. Yes, before I tell you more about the wonderful foreign language literature which I have received from Paris, I have some other news in another tongue.

Too late last night for my brain to be functioning properly, I was browsing the beautiful photos on Phiary when I came across this, which led to this article which appears to hold the answer to the mystery of the lost Stylebytes.

Intim Bakrus - click here to read

Now, I know (you did confess) that you all are just as nosy as I am, and so I'm guessing it's probably killing you just as much as it did me not to be able to understand the content of this article. So, at silly o'clock, I went off on a search for free Norwegian translators online, which were predictably, pretty useless. My limited understanding tells me that Agathe had a pretty tough time personally on returning from her trip, was unable to blog until she finally could blog again but had by then realised it as more fun not to. Figures.

Anyway, if any of my lovely readers can actually understand Norwegian, maybe we'll be able to understand what looks like a fascinating article even more. But, for now, it appears that language has become a barrier.


  1. I can say hello, goodbye, thank you and I love you in Swedish. Wish I could be more helpful;-)

  2. Oooh, intriguing! I had heard an update recently (can't remember where...) that she had just found it too time-consuming.

  3. Okay, I just Google translated the article piece by's kinda disturbing. And apparently Agathe's husband left her...which is so tragic and I can understand how she would want a break from everything that related to him--since he was the one who took her photos for the blog...

  4. I've just linked your blog on my page.

    Come by again, and enjoy the weekend!

    T-shirt and Tails xxx

  5. I just found your blog, and I'm very excited to explore it further. Anyways, I speak Norwegian, and I read the article about Stylebytes a while back. The Clothes Horse is pretty accurate in saying that Agathe's husband left her. She said that leading up to that, their lifestyle was all about finding appropriate settings for pictures that could be posted on the blog, and it turned into a hobby that ended up being more of a job for both of them. She saw her life like a glamorous film, where they had to put a lot of effort into every post. SHe also talks about the expectations and the pressure. Basically, it doesn't really sound like she wants to come back. Ever. What a shame.

  6. Belette, you had me wondering if I'd got the wrong language there for a moment!!!

    Wow, Clotheshorse, that's dedication... thanks for the update xx

    You too, T and T

    ... MARIA! Thank you, I have no idea how you managed to find my post - do you google people looking for speakers of Norwegian??? Either way thank you very much, I'd be delighted if you returned to my blog. And poor Agathe :( so thanks for the translation. xx

  7. Hmmm...the plot thickens.... me thinks Agathe doesn't want to be found though.... ah well...