Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Geeky is chic-y

It appears that the regularity of my posts in past weeks has gone down the drain now that my free time is no longer defined by me. However, if we look at recent days, I have had some time to blog but my time on blogger seems to have been stolen by another fantastic website, introduced to me by the wonderful Sarah Von at yes and yes:


I cannot quite comprehend the reason for the endless pleasure which the following activities all give: arranging my virtual bookshelf, finding the right cover editions, giving ratings, reviews, creating new categories, answering 'trivia' questions, 'exploring' book lists, adding to my 'to-read' list, and updating the page number of my current read. I have even managed to convince several friends to sign up, so that even the geekiest manifestation of my persona has 'friends'.

People have always told me that my reading habits have contributed to my terrible eyesight, but I suppose I really just have to give in to my not-so-inner bookworm. Anyway, it's becoming common knowledge that geeky is chic-y, isn't it?


  1. Wow! I'm hooked, my shelf is up and running! Need to go to bed or I will be reviewing all night...

  2. Oh, I'VE heard of geekier! This sounds like big-time fun.

  3. Geeky is very chic! I embrace my geekiness in its fullest-lol. I love love love books and will have to check out that website - cheers to being a bookworm!

  4. yup geek chic is so in. not only that but staying in's the new going out...

  5. well, I'm glad we're all in agreement ;)

  6. OH yes, glad that geek chic is great.